Solo Piano


Wide variety of repertoire to be consulted with the pianist.

Acoustic solo piano or with electronics, classical contemporary repertoire, new creation, collaborative compositions, interdisciplinary, or performance.

Option to carry out residencies for new creations and contemporary piano workshops.

Example :

  • “Incidendo-fluido”. Concert for piano and electronics.
  • “PlayFull”. Collaborative project of new compositions based on play dynamics.
  • “Tékhne”. Recital exploring all the new techniques/possibilities of contemporary piano.

Dichotomia Tactus


Collaborative multimedia project with multimedia composer Carmen Kleykens.

Triptych of works for piano and multimedia that redefine the pianist’s gesture and underline sensory dichotomies through touch sensors, lights, video, and live processing.


Trailer “Evocación del tacto”


Example: Trilogy for two pianos and electronics by Brigitta Muntendorf

Syntagma Piano Duo

Duo of two pianos and piano four hands of contemporary music and new creation, alongside pianist Francisco Martí.

Repertoire and projects to consult on the website:


For projects with ensembles, consult:

Ensemble SemblanceEnsemble LineaL’Imaginaire


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